Friday, January 13, 2006

Unbelievably Stupid but True!

How can you tell its Friday the 13th ? The answer, another Federal candidate is removed by his party leader. This time the honor goes to David Oliver the Liberal candidate in Abbotsford. He is the long serving former Liberal riding constituency president in Abbotsford. The accusation made by NDP candidate Jeffrey Hansen Carlson is that he alledgely was asked to resign as the NDP candidate from the election race and throw his support behind Oliver for a potential job with Oliver if he won as MP. This is only alledged and not proven at all to be true. How can anyone in their right mind think that anyone but Conservative could win Abbotsford. If you combined the Liberal, Green, NDP and the Marijauna party votes together it still would never beat Randy White’s conservative successor in Abbotsford whoever it is. Unbelievably stupid but probably true! See CKNW or any and all other media to hear the biggest joke of the day. Did we mention yet that there are far too many door knobs in politics. Go to for the best comments on this comedy.
See latest comment from CTV.
Liberal Candidate David Oliver video denial on CTV.
NDP candidate Jeffrey Hansen Carlson video accusation on CTV.

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