Sunday, January 08, 2006

Richter Report - January 8, 2006 Preventing Another Grandstand Tax Drain

“Bateman & Richter discuss solutions in public”
Regarding my 3-part series on the new grandstand, I received the following communiqué from Township Councillor Jordan Bateman wanting to second some of the actions I proposed to prevent further capital project budget overrun fiascos.

"#3, 4, and 6 sound like they could be put into the much-needed procurement policy update. Craft it into a notice of motion, and I'll gladly second it. Jordan 01.05.06 - 8:26 pm"

Jordan is referring to three suggested actions that I put forward in Part 3 of my discussion on the grandstand budget fiasco (Langley Free Press; January 5, 2006). A recent correspondent, Blair, pointed out to me that we have to do what’s best for the Township and its taxpayers. So, in the spirit of “Getting to Yes” as recommended by Blair, now that I know I have a seconder, I’ll put the motion you suggested forward, Jordon. A small change in the right direction is better than no change at all. Thank you for your support.

On the topic of Township’s procurement policy, I will have more to say on this matter later as I’m not convinced that the revised policy as presented to Council for approval last fall is in the best interests of the taxpayers.

As an aside Jordan, I believe this is a somewhat historic event. Two Councillors, along with much input and opinion from taxpayers via both Langley Free Press and Langley Politics Dotcom, have in the open, public domain discussed the problems, causes and solutions of a significant issue and agreed to work together at the Council Table on fixing it. In my opinion, this is pretty significant for Langley! Thanks for taking this initiative. I appreciate it.

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Kim Richter is in her 3rd term as Langley Township Councillor and also is a Professor of Business at Kwantlen University College. She holds a masters degree in health administration and was a health care management consultant.

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