Thursday, January 26, 2006

Letter to the Editor - January 24,2006 - From Tom Ouellette - Homeless Housing

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Attention: Editor

January 24, 2006

The Township of Langley is spending $5 million dollars on a covered grandstand, $ 6.5 million on a golf course we can not use for 20 years, and only the mayor and council know how much has been spent buying up land for the arbor ribbon.

Yet I have not heard of one cent being spent to aid or house the homeless roaming around the Langley’s. Granted we have food banks, we have soup kitchens but we do not have housing. How many are going to be camping out on in the doorways of the churches, in the bushes along 56th Avenue near the By-pass before both Langley’s recognize we have a problem. These people do not need charity, they need they need a warm dry place for one or two days before they move on.

What are the Langley’s going to do, a study, a report from staff, or are we going to continue to ignore these individuals until they fade away or die from exposure. If we are doing something why is it a big secret? Let the public know your intentions and maybe, just maybe you will get some strong volunteers to assist in your endeavours. Sitting around saying you know we have a problem with homeless people and doing nothing does not help with a workable solution.

Tom Ouellette
c.c. Aldergrove Star, Langley Times, Langley Advance

Tom Ouellette ran unsuccessfully against the incumbent, Mayor Kurt Alberts, in the past November 2005 Langley Township Municipal election. While not successful, his showing was impressively close to the incumbent especially since he was relatively unknown and had a fraction of the incumbent's campaign funds. He provided a clear wake up call to Mayor Alberts. - Editor LFP

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