Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Summer Break at LFP

It has been a great 5 months since we launched LFP. We thank all readers and contributors especially Councillor Kim Richter, ex Councillor Muriel Arnason and Cathleen Vecchiato who have made this site a rich, intelligent and alternative newswatch and commentary site to the Local and National biases.

Since you are all slowing down for the summer so are we. We need a break, news is so depressing especially locally! We will still post editorials and reviews but not as frequently as we did in the winter and spring. Hence please visit, comment and join us for a refreshment occasionally until the end of August. You will see good stuff not just filler until then. We will just report a few times a week but make sure it is quality not quantity.

Have a great summer!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Liberal Leadership Candidate Volpe Under Attack

Politics brings out the best in competitors. Note the latest about contender Joe Volpe here and here and here and here. Yup, I'd say he is about done. Yah think?