Saturday, February 20, 2010

The signs of a Narcissist (Ottawa Citizen, 20 Feb 2010, Page J2)

Do you know which narcissists YOU recently elected ? How many of the attached newspaper's criteria apply to them ? Check them off to identify your very own narcissistic Langley politicians! I count at LEAST 2 easily enough without even trying! Hint they are always lobbying hard to get their pictures often in both Langley papers! Both papers easily accommodate!

Bigger Hint, they are both males (over 95% of narcissists are always predominantly male) both are certainly politically self infatuated and ambitious and certainly also clearly dislike each other and will most certainly run against each other as mayor candidates with very ruthless and very characteristic self important and expensive vanity campaigns in

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

B. C. school trustees to superintendents: We need more information (The Vancouver Sun, 16 Feb 2010, Page B3)

Wow! Read this Quote:
"Doug Player, a former superintendent in West Vancouver, said the auditor-general’s report suggests senior staff have exceptional influence because many trustees don’t understand the issues. A quarter of them said they don’t have enough time to comprehend the information provided before board meetings.
“ The system needs a significant shock — it needs refreshing,” said Player, adding that the report helps explain, for example, how a district like Langley could accumulate an $ 8.2-million deficit without trustees noticing."
Exactly! HOW can this magnitude error not have been noticed? Does this survey result now provide the Government an easy out to appoint trustees just like on Heath boards? Should they? Or are the wrong type of people just being elected? Or are the local