Monday, January 25, 2010

Politicians score seats for top events before public (The Vancouver Sun, 25 Jan 2010, Page A1)

So in an earlier Vancouver Sun article before we read that BC Provincial Liberal MLAs got free Olympic tickets to go to the Olympic events. The Provincial Libs said it would only be used to accompany approved government business associates! Yeah right!

Now we hear that the feds have 1st class olympic tickets without having to wait in line. Meanwhile our whole family after 3 times trying the Olympic lottery for tons of tickets

Monday, January 18, 2010

What Grade Does Mayor Green & His 2009 Annual Report Card Deserve?

Rookie Langley Township Mayor Rick Green earlier this evening at the Council meeting presented his long overdue past year's (2009) annual council achievement report card which is normally proudly presented as somewhat of a taxpayer's pre Xmas present listing of ALL the previous year's Township Council achievements. I don't ever remember seeing it used as a personal political platform justification attempt before. This presentation traditionally is presented by each Mayor in early to mid December and never as a short after thought. This