Monday, October 30, 2006

Norman Spector Crosses The Line On CKNW

As Public Eye Online reports , Norman Spector's CKNW comments this morning about one female politician should remind us why more women may be reluctant to enter public political service and are dismally under represented politically. His comments are simply shocking and absolutely unforgivable. Bill Tieleman Comments. Cherniak on Politics.

David VS Goliath - The Sequel: The Wagons Are Circling !

We at LFP just could not understand why the people across the street at Langley Politics Dotcom were suddenly gushing about Wally Martin in their latest blog posting and especially in that posting's associated dotcomments section. So we had someone ask Wally Martin what was going on. Well guess what? We were then sent a copy of an email that was sent by Wally Martin to Langley Politics Dotcom. Attached is our abridged version of Mr. Martin's email.

We do know that LP vets all of their dotcomments individually and so are surprised that the comment in question was ever published. LP's banner advertises that they got 600,000 hits in the past year which works out to over 1600 hits a per day. That's a lot! We're simply stunned and invite you all to make up your own minds about this continuing story of Langley's solitary David versus Goliath and his Minions. Watch them all in action at tonight's Township Council meeting or on cable 4 starting at 7 pm.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

David (Wally Martin) VS Goliath (Langley Township)

You Heard It Here First!
Remember the posting we put on last week re Traveller's Hotel owner Wally Martin's concerns about the Tourism Tax increase proposed by Langley City and Langley Township? Well we told you it wasn't over. It Ain't. Get a load of these attached PDF documents as a result of Wally's delegation last week to Township Council.

The last two pages of the attached PDF document is a letter from Langley Township addressed to BC Minister of Finance Carole Taylor. It was clearly sent as a rebuttal to Wally's original complaint letter discussed in our last posting and Wally's assertion that he has a majority "NO" vote from the hotels in Langley Township. Did Township Council order this rebuttal? When? And is it right for a rebuttal letter to be sent by the Township in the middle of a Bylaw approval process? Methinks Not! (Kind of makes a farce of the whole Bylaw process, doesn't it?)

The first two pages of the attached PDF document is a strong response to the Township's letter written by Wally Martin's lawyer. He asks for a retraction and an apology because they feel that the intent of the Township's letter was "to demean Mr. Martin's contribution to the process and to communicate to the Minister that he is a marginal player whose views deserve limited weight." Unbelievable! What a turn of events!

Monday's Township Council meeting should be very interesting as Council will vote on the Tourism Tax increase. Wally is not giving up. He, his wife Sharon and his son, Michael (who is a Chartered Accountant) have all made application to appear as delegations to Council. So have some of the head honcho's of the Chamber of Commerce (who are strongly supporting the new tax. Gee, I wonder if this is because they're getting ready to dump the Langley Visitor Center/Tourism duties that the Township has paid them to do for the last 10 years or so?) In light of all this, Monday's meeting should not be missed - it will be televised (Channel 4 at 7 pm).

Will David defeat Goliath? Stay tuned. We're rooting for David!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

RMR reports on Ambrose/Warawa Clean Air Bill

Rick Mercer reports on our visionary Conservative Government's new clean air bill! Argh. View the RMR report video link here. (It may take a few minutes to load.) Our Langley MP, Mark Warawa is the secretary to our Conservative Environment Minister, Rona Ambrose. As a secretary to Rona, does that mean he typed the clean air bill? Keep in mind appearances count, therefore Warawa is doing his bit by driving a Prius, guess he is ready for 2050. We suggest that, to emulate previous Conservative precursor leader Stockwell Day, he should probably buy a seadoo too to keep his harley davidson company! What is it with this eerie fascination for sea doos with these weirdo conservatives?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

LFP's Read On Today's Langley Advance

After reading today's Langley Advance, two things jump out at the reader. First, they sure must miss Township Council meetings because they seem to be dredging deep for news. The articles are chock a block full of human interest stuff like Principals cutting their hair off, etc. (But maybe that's better than the regular local political manoveurs!)

The second thing that pops up is the fact that the Advance Editor... once again strongly implies, at least to this reader,that he thinks Canada's participation in the Afghanistan war is wrong. In his editorial about a Veteran's daughter's citizenship, he essentially chastises our conservative MP Mark Warawa for inaction and provides further evidence of his leaning and feelings when he says "It's not just the near future that looks bleak for our soldiers in Afghanistan."

How refreshing to see an Editor who doesn't always play kissy face with our MP!

The other evidence of his leanings are two letters to the editor he printed, both condeming Harper and essentially Canada's involvement in the Afghanistan war. It would sure be admirable if the Advance Editor would definitively comeout with his feelings on this tragic Canadian war.

His second editorial is "Classic Bounding Bob". It beautifully parodies the inaccurate and ridiculous naming of communities and places. My personal example is Walnut Grove. Did they ever really grow walnuts there or was it just some planner's wild idea about what should be growing there? Damm if I know! Irrespective B.B. beats the competition for tongue in cheek every time.

Meanwhile, the big item reported in Langley City is the dredging of Brydon Lagoon. What and where the heck is Brydon Lagoon? .. yawn. How does the City get away with just producing boring after boring issue. Maybe we should petition to get a second Casino in Langley to stir up their pot!

For those who are interested in the Chamber of Commerce's annual "Who's-Who-and-Insider's-Pat-on-the-Back-Patronage"awards, have a read about this year's winners. I couldn't help but note that Wally Martin didn't win. Gee, I wonder why? Did his axing of their favourite new tourism tax have anything to do with it?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Township Council Rushes To Spend Your Money Again?

Today's Province quotes Murrayville Travellers Hotel owner (and prominent community activist) Wally Martin as well as Township Councillor Kim Richter's opposition to a two-per cent tax hike on hotel rooms intended to fund a non-profit Langley tourism association/bureaucracy. You also just gotta go out and get the paper to check out its American gothic take-off picture of Wally and his wife!

This joint Township - City tax passed 6 to 3 with Township rookie Councillor Jordan Bateman spearheading the new tax. More taxes for his pet projects. Gotta love it!

Of course Langley City's going to go along with it! They co-finance this new bureaucracy with less than one fifth of the Township's contribution and for this miniscule contribution, they get more people and money into their cash cow casino! The City once again financially screws the Township while Township Council stupidly keeps twiddling their thumbs and continues navel-gazing. Fassbender's City Council has gotta be laughing at Bateman and Township all the way to the bank!

You gotta love Wally's quote in the Province: "council wants to chase a couple of eco-tourists through town, where they might have a sandwich at the deli and gaze at the Fraser River," he said. "We don't have a mountain. We don't have a beach. It doesn't make sense to spend the money to attract Vancouver visitors to Langley." Sounds right to this editor!

Richter is also quoted saying: "We need to boost tourism, but I'm not for rushing into it like this. It's not a good business case." Richter said the tax is expected to raise about $150,000 each year, while the cost of the association will be about $450,000. "I'm not sure if it's worth it," she said.

Richter suggested that they put it to a public hearing to get more info before rushing into this new tax. Ah come on Kim - why not finance another useless bureaucracy in Township hall without consultation? The taxpayer's pocket is bottomless.

Once again rookie Cllr. Bateman seems to be rushing in to raise taxes and probably increase Township spending without getting all the possible input and sides of this story. Scary because the last time Bateman rushed in and spent our money he spearheaded a $1.2 Million budget increase on the $3-4-5 million gold plated Grandstand!

But Wait! The story gets much better because attached is a copy of Wally Martin's complaint letter to BC Minister of Finance Carole Taylor saying that Council's decision to proceed with this tax should be denied because in essence Township Council did not do due diligence.

Meanwhile Bateman is preening all over his website about how he spearheaded this wonderful move to increase taxes! I'm sure Langley City Council will make him their poster boy of the month! Way to go, Buddy!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

LFP Is Back, Refreshed and Pissed

In June we took a break. Now that the weather is wetter, colder and getting darker much earlier, we (no doubt along with all of you) are eager to cozy up and hunker down on the real "in's and out's" of politics..... especially in our very own irreverent style.

I don't know about you but when you reflect on all the inane politicians internationally, federally, provincially and especially right here locally in our very own little back yard of Langley, don't you just feel like escaping from these idiots and moving to some remote cave far, far away from their continual stupidity?

So what's really happened in the past few months?

Yup, Township Council is still wasting our money. (I'm told Cllr. Kim Richter is preparing a story for us on Township Council's latest tax & spend fiasco compliments of one of Council's newest and youngest members).

Meanwhile Langley City Council is still merrily putting the financial boots to the Township.

Our local elected and born-again environmentalist and dyspneic (or 'panting at thought of what I've done'- Tanya: we know this is a BIG word but you can find this specific definition in federal MP is still hunting around desperately to do something to get noticed by someone (that is anyone besides just Bucky) including writing regular pablum propaganda columns in the local papers.

Our local Liberal MLA's continue to carefully tread on political glass shards to keep their jobs (you can hear the crickets well above their voices). And, right across our own street, LP's Editor and rookie Politico, is still producing the same wonderful high quality reportage that mainly consists of ever growing: "Look at ME, ME, ME" and "let's all count down together on my own personal events and career path" (Look out Rich!!)

Finally, there is the ongoing "Tale Of Two Editors": Blinkered Bucky and Bounding Bob who we can count on to make sure that the whole truth and nothing but the truth is sometimes told/commented on in Langley. At least, their editorials are "Point/CounterPoint" which is very reminiscent of SNL's classic: "Jane, You Stupid Slut..." news reporting. Go Bucky and Bob!