Tuesday, October 24, 2006

LFP's Read On Today's Langley Advance

After reading today's Langley Advance, two things jump out at the reader. First, they sure must miss Township Council meetings because they seem to be dredging deep for news. The articles are chock a block full of human interest stuff like Principals cutting their hair off, etc. (But maybe that's better than the regular local political manoveurs!)

The second thing that pops up is the fact that the Advance Editor... once again strongly implies, at least to this reader,that he thinks Canada's participation in the Afghanistan war is wrong. In his editorial about a Veteran's daughter's citizenship, he essentially chastises our conservative MP Mark Warawa for inaction and provides further evidence of his leaning and feelings when he says "It's not just the near future that looks bleak for our soldiers in Afghanistan."

How refreshing to see an Editor who doesn't always play kissy face with our MP!

The other evidence of his leanings are two letters to the editor he printed, both condeming Harper and essentially Canada's involvement in the Afghanistan war. It would sure be admirable if the Advance Editor would definitively comeout with his feelings on this tragic Canadian war.

His second editorial is "Classic Bounding Bob". It beautifully parodies the inaccurate and ridiculous naming of communities and places. My personal example is Walnut Grove. Did they ever really grow walnuts there or was it just some planner's wild idea about what should be growing there? Damm if I know! Irrespective B.B. beats the competition for tongue in cheek every time.

Meanwhile, the big item reported in Langley City is the dredging of Brydon Lagoon. What and where the heck is Brydon Lagoon? .. yawn. How does the City get away with just producing boring after boring issue. Maybe we should petition to get a second Casino in Langley to stir up their pot!

For those who are interested in the Chamber of Commerce's annual "Who's-Who-and-Insider's-Pat-on-the-Back-Patronage"awards, have a read about this year's winners. I couldn't help but note that Wally Martin didn't win. Gee, I wonder why? Did his axing of their favourite new tourism tax have anything to do with it?

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