Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Green and his Slate-Mates have not only moved into Township Hall – They are now picking their seats!

Following up on LFP’s  previous editorial  and  today’s Langley Times article on the Mayor’s slate signing their nomination papers in Township’s Council chambers first thing this morning, this editor can only state the obvious. The Rick Green slate has clearly moved from choosing wallpaper last week to choosing their preferred chairs in Council chambers this week.

Too bad neither of the mayor challengers, Jack Froese nor Mel Kositsky, had the opportunity to beat Mayor Green’s slate to the punch of using the Council Chambers for their political gain.  We understand Jack Froese also handed his papers in today but obviously he didn’t have the advantage of early-bird timing, exclusive favourable slate media coverage, or of reserving Council chambers for his supporters like the current Mayor did.  Or maybe Jack just thought, like this Editor thinks, it would have been as tacky and presumptuous as holding regular campaign meetings in
Township Hall offices under cleverly disguised names like social media minding.

The only area left now in Township Hall for Green’s slate to invade will be to get exclusive keys to the executive john to go along with picking their seats!   That’s probably on next week’s slate social media minding agenda and the Times will likely also have extensive coverage on this too.

On Monday night during the Council meeting, one of the Green slate-mates was observed by Councillor Fox as studiously taking videos and pictures of Council chambers, council seats and council observers - so much so that Councillor Fox interrupted his on camera talk to comment on this particular Slate-Mate’s curious activity.  Even though the Slate-Mate in question hastily exited Council Chambers shortly after Fox’s comments, this Slate-Mate was seen waiting for his fellow Slate-Mates after the meeting for the Green Slate’s now regular post-council meeting Slate-Scrum in the dark recesses  of the Township Hall parking lot. Most likely, the slate-mates viewed the photos taken that evening, drew straws and fought over who would get the best seats in Council Chambers! Wonder who won the dubious honour of sitting next to the Mayor?  Suckers! 

by LFP Editor


  1. JoeZac1:23 pm

    Maybe the slate mate was using an infrared camera to determine the "coolest"seat in the room? Sort of like Mike Holmes...Holmes Inspection, eh?

  2. We were advised indirectly that yet another Councillor two nights ago saw the Mayor was holding another meeting in township hall offices. Apparently at least this time the sign outside the door said it was reserved for the Mayor and some others (not clear). We have not confirmed yet if this is accurate though. Just a somewhat qualified rumour so far. We ask that the informant and/or the councillor to please elaborate/clarify this.

    By the way LFP is still getting quite a few comments,that we won't publish. We are no longer the blogs of old nor the Langley Times. We won't plead with you to be respectful in your comments. We just won't publish them - period!