Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vancouver Sun B.C. MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS 2011 - Candidates Listing

To see a listing of all municipal election candidates go to the special online Van Sun Candidates Listing. When you get there hit the tab with the heading "Langley T'Ship" to view a drop down list of the candidates. You can scroll through candidates names and see their profiles and on each profile you can then select the blue button "VANCOUVERSUN SURVEY" to see the info the candidates provided.

After only a cursory view this Editor noted that Councillor Kim Richter filled it out completely. I did not yet check out the other truly independent candidates' profiles. But Mayor Rick Green and his slate-mates continue to attempt their now well known trademark word weaseling and baffle-gabbing  political sham-scam. On the profile page under each slate-mates name it lists party and each slate-mate shows the Vote Langley Now party. But  in the latter Sun's question: "Are you running with a municipal party or slate? Mayor Rick Green does not answer and his slate-mate Tony Malyk does answer and he says NO! In answer to the very  next question : " If 'Yes', which party or slate?" Mayor Rick Green answers: "A Team of Independents not a slate." and to this same question his slate-mate Tony Malyk's answer is blank. Meanwhile the other slate-mates don't answer anything, anywhere.

Plain and simple they are a slate and a party because they are officially  registered as such. To try to say they are not is simply not true at all in this editor's opinion and here's that magic word again misleading!

Also interesting is that when the Van Sun asks the question: "How much money do you expect to spend on your election campaign?" , Mayor Rick Green says "$50,000.00" and his slate-mate Tony Malyk answers: "N/A". Of course!  It is generally known that the slate-mates are being primarily and largely centrally funded by the behind the scenes REAL MAYOR - Mr. DADDY WARBUCKS!

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