Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last Langley Township Council All Candidates Meeting at Langley Event Center

Langley Township Council Election Candidates
This LFP Editor has just had enough of the Green VLN slate-mates in unison parroting their ridiculous deception attempt trying to convince us that  they are Independents yet also a Slate! It becomes even more ludicrous when they line up and repeat this one after another at every debate. So I decided to finally highlight and point out this inane Green VLN slate attempt to word craft and word weave this B.S. to us, the Langley Township voters, in the above very short 47 second video. I hope you find it as amusing as I did.

Banquet Hall at Langley Events Ctre.
At last night's last election event at the Langley Event Center which by-the-way the Green VLN Slate and slate-mates continually criticize, the Langley Township Election candidates had their final public hurrah before this Saturday's election. One by one they introduced themselves and there after mingled with the audience answering individual questions. This event was organized by an election candidate herself, Sonya Paterson. Good job Sonya. Unfortunately there were far too many empty audience seats.  I'm told that the poor weather may have been the issue.

Murray Jones, Suhki Dhami and Kim Richter
There was even a Gang-Green anti-slate protester in attendance who parodied the Gang-Green slate's red stop sign ads. Well known anti Gang-Green VLN slate critic Suhki Dhami wore a  sandwich board imprinted with our own LFP designed Rick Green anti-slate stop sign. He downloaded this from LFP and had it blown up onto the sandwich boards. Very creative Suhki.

This picture of Suhki wearing the sandwich boards almost brought tears to this Editor's eyes! One can only Imagine what emotions Gang-Green must have had tonight upon first seeing Suhki wearing the sandwich boards at the all candidates meet and greet tonight. Pictured wearing the sandwich board is the frequent Green VLN slate critic Suhki Dhami flanked on both sides by two election candidates, Murray Jones and our very own Publisher and Langley Township Council re-election candidate Kim Richter.      By LFP EDITOR

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  1. Anonymous6:09 pm

    I believe Stark almost said slate and then corrected himself to say team. Great editing Editor. Do more.