Tuesday, November 08, 2011

None Are So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

What amazes this LFP Editor is that formerly rational people, respected people, old friends and political pundits in the Township (who now fervently write in comments to LFP, the Times, etc.) still desperately cling to a seemingly messianic devotion to a Mayor whose true personality and attributes have been revealed time and again over the past three years by several independent consultants,  lawyers and others. Yet these pundits are still willing to throw out the
baby with the bath water to help crown their Czar at almost any cost. Sadly very amazing. The many historical similarities are obvious but using them would probably draw even more rabid comments.

In this Editor's opinion, Councillor Richter has finally simply said that she believes there should be NO room AT ALL for any dishonesty or lies by ANY of our elected politicians. How simple and basic can this message be? 

Yet apparently there are those who believe there is an acceptable level of dishonesty for some politicians. So just what is this level and what extent is acceptable then? 1 lie? 3? 10? Big lie? Small lie? Medium Lie? Simple Lie? Compounding Lie? Cover-up lie?

How very sad and disturbing to think that any of us would believe any level of deception is OK.

I agree with Councillor Richter and we should all agree that there should be zero-tolerance of this from ANY of our elected politicians. Otherwise the fragile and imaginary line of truth and reality in the sand will fade quickly and disappear. What will then be the true loss to our community, society and families? How do we ever  justify this to our children? Think about it.

A final important closing quote from Councillor Kim Richter: "On November 19th, I hope that Township taxpayers will vote Zero-Tolerance for any politician lying while in a publicly held and publicly paid office."

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  1. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Excellent editorial. The Langley Times comments is the home of these malcontent's political vitriol. I do not dare comment there anymore. It goes far beyond nasty. Look to the comments of freddmc and jeckins in the sample article that will certainly fester more so over the next two days. watch - http://www.langleytimes.com/news/133475053.html
    I also can not understand how it is that any group of honest and reasonable people can support any degree of dishonesty from their elected representatives.
    Fort Langley Veteran.