Sunday, September 09, 2007

Taxpayer Tax Inquiry Request Ignored & Richter's Motion Not Discussed, Nor Reported

Councillor Kim Richter tabled a motion on August 26th refering to the adjacent posted letter to Township Mayor & Council. The letter writer says that his property taxes increased $2000 in the last year alone! ($4500 to $6700 over just the last year! A 49% increase!) Specifically her motion asked that in keeping with the request from Mr. McTaggart that council refer this matter to staff to ask for an improved and more equitable Township distribution of property taxes. Mr. McTaggart asked for an inquiry to investigate and report back on fixing this property tax inequity. Richter put forward the motion to address his concerns (and that of many other long term and rural township taxpayers who have the same very real concerns on this inequity).
"we pay high taxes for minimal service." - Mr. McTaggart.
Guess what happened? You got it, no seconder to her motion. Not even one of Richter's good ole boys club colleagues on township council wanted to second this issue nor even to obviously discuss it either. Hence there was no discussion on this Township Taxpayer's (Mr. McTaggart) important and very relevant request. No discussion, no action, no review, nothing! Just quiet disdain, brush-off and essentially outright rejection of Cllr. Richter's motion and even more tragic the Township Taxpayer's request.
" we can no longer afford to live in our homes as we are in effect being taxed out of our homes." - Mr. McTaggart
Worse still, the local media did not report on this in the local papers at all despite the fact that many more taxpayers have expressed the very same grave tax increase concerns. Where are the local papers? Is it now perhaps only all about advertising dollars? (Double Click on letter to view it larger & it is a great read!)

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