Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vacation Over - What Have The Clowns Been Doing?

Miss me? Wow! Unbelievable stuff went on in August that I will be commenting on more specifically shortly. A small recap shows that we now apparently have a born again public transit crusader on Township council who is trying to tell us heathens that we need rail traffic up 200th street! Is this off the rails or what? The real crusaders, Valtac must be besides themselves on this one. How much more damaging could these ridiculous suggestions be? Meanwhile the local rags gave lots of publicity to this ridiculous suggestion obviously just because it was mid August and the real news just shrivels up at this time and desperation results in publishing this drivel or any drivel during August. Interestingly enough we also understand that many a press release is almost published verbatim especially frequent ones that come from ex-reporters! How do you spell lazy? But I digress... Come on, get off the publicity seeking bandwagon! Fraser Highway and not 200th Street is the busiest road in Langley! Compare the ever constant and greater Fraser Hwy bus stop passengers waiting at non existant bus shelters to those on 200th St! Maybe the Rookie Cllr. should get out of his car and use transit sometimes! We need rapid transit to get to points west of Langley more than north of Langley! We need east-west rail transit like Valtac proposes and not ridiculous north-south which really only gets us to the new Willoughby skyscraper lit up steeple temple! Why not also suggest that this route also go down 200th right to the city casino as well just like the new overpass does? What sheer drivel.

Meanwhile believe it or not the Township council said NO to helping people in Langley when council voted against a $500k donation to Langley Family Services (LFS) to finance their new building yet they threw away another quick $500k on the already over budget and questionable new and trendy Langley dog shelter building on the very same day! Does this mean needy dogs are more important than needy people in Langley Township? Sad don't you think? No surprise though, "Township Council Old Boy's Club" choice of the wrong priorities as usual. Or was this perhaps a poison dart aimed purely at Langley City by the Township council as suggested by others including the press? How petty if true. Remember, LFS is located in Langley City yet serves over 60% in Langley Township! To be fair surprisingly only Cllr. Ward voted along with Cllr. Richter to help out our community and the needy with the LFS grant. And then Cllr. Charlie Fox is quoted as saying that helping fund Langley Family Services essentially would add about an equivalent one time 1% to our Township property tax bill! What about the even more costly dog shelter Charlie or all the other things you voted on like the grossly over budget Grandstand which itself would add a one time 3 to 5 % tax hike using your own calculations with the overage to it's initial budget alone, not to mention two back to back annual ~5% tax increases that you voted for as well that will compound year after year with additional tax hikes? When did you suddenly get to become a born again Langley Township tax reduction advocate? And why suddenly only on this issue?

I guess every ridiculous Township council old boys club decision has to have an equally ridiculous justification especially with only one year to re-election time!

To make appearances even worse for the Langley Township Ole Boys Club Council, check out tommorows Friday Sept 7th Langley Advance where there are 5 pages of articles, pictures and congratulations (pages 27 through 31) describing at length Langley Family Services' (LFS) great deeds and benefits to the community with well wishers and many best wishes on their new building that was just completed. It was re-constructed after the old building was tragically burnt down by vandals a year or two ago. Note there are also paid congratulatory ads from our MLA and the City of Langley amongst the many thanks and congratulations in the Langley Advance. But note, not one peep, advertisement or comment contributed at all from the Township of Langley its Council or it's Mayor Alberts! Keep in mind that over 60% of the people LFS charitably serves in the Langleys live in the Township of Langley, NOT in the City! How petty and pathetic is that? However we should be comforted to know that this ole boys club Township council instead will spend a million or more of our tax dollars instead on needy dogs instead of real people in need served and assisted by LFS!

And guess what it also smells & looks like Langley City won the police funding battle with the Township council probably having to concede defeat to the superior opponent, Langley City Mayor & Council. Congratulations Peter Fassbender & City Council. You not only beat the Township but got them to forgive any back monies owed and delayed implementation for many years! Great negotiating Township council! Remind me never to consider using you to negotiate my way out of a paper bag! Way to be on the ball 'good ole boys' after about 4 long YEARS of procrastination and delay! I will be talking to regular LFP contributors and do some more research on the real straight goods on these ridiculous items.And I thought it was going to be a quiet August! I should have stayed on holidays!

Also for you LFP antagonists who either are members of the Township council old boys club or rabid supporters of them who always write in to this Editor with your less than gracious commentary, I post the clown picture above to assist you in your creative writing attempts. Hopes this makes it easier for you. Gawd knows, you guys need it!

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