Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Langley Gang Style Shooting Near D.W.Poppy & Peterson Schools

News 1130 & CP News & CTV News & G&M News report that two Langley North Otter area schools were locked down as a result of a gangland style shooting taking place this morning on the nearby quiet and semi-rural residential streets that involved 'persons' well known to the local police. Looks like ever increasingly the Vancouver violence is starting to spill over into the Langleys. This isn't surprising considering we live in a community that has marijuana as Langley's largest cash crop with grow ups being shut down and started up weekly if not daily!

We also have quite a few gangs in Langley now as well including a youth Aldergrove gang that calls itself the 856 gang after the local prefix 3 digit telephone number which may have some links to this specific shooting. The police have a 16 year old in custody as a result of this shooting and are seeking more suspects. Whatever the cause of this specific shooting and this Editor suspects it is most likely gang related, our police in Langley Township must now aggresively pursue and irradicate this activity immediately. Langley police and both City & Township Mayors & Councils have to stop arguing about police sharing costs and make sure we don't get any more national news headlines as a result of gang violence! It is unacceptable to have this violence take place in our residential communities and especially right outside an elementary and secondary school while kids are on their way to school.

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