Saturday, September 24, 2011

End "Blame and Shame Politics" Says Township Mayor Candidate Jack Froese

Last Saturday September 17/11, Debbie & Jack Froese hosted their 4th Annual Fall Festival at their JD Farms location on the corner of 248th St & 52nd Ave in Langley Township. The event MC was Gary Johnson best known for championing the Salvation Army campaign to fund & build the Gateway of Hope homeless shelter in Langley. All of Township Council attended Jack's event except for Mel Kositsky & Mayor Rick Green (no surprise there!). Also attending were MP Mark Warawa, MLA Mary Polak and at least 200+ other people (with many more coming later in the afternoon after the speeches). Polak formally congratulated the Froeses for their contributions to Langley Agriculture as did Deputy Mayor Kim Richter on behalf of Council.

Round one goes to Jack who got all the dignitaries out to his event including 2 local editors. The only dignitary at Green's event was Green (and many would even question that!)

Mayor Candidate Jack Froese's first major campaign speech

In Jack's speech, he said he would end the "blame and shame politics" of the current Mayor if he was elected. He made no bones about the lack of leadership on