Wednesday, October 18, 2006

LFP Is Back, Refreshed and Pissed

In June we took a break. Now that the weather is wetter, colder and getting darker much earlier, we (no doubt along with all of you) are eager to cozy up and hunker down on the real "in's and out's" of politics..... especially in our very own irreverent style.

I don't know about you but when you reflect on all the inane politicians internationally, federally, provincially and especially right here locally in our very own little back yard of Langley, don't you just feel like escaping from these idiots and moving to some remote cave far, far away from their continual stupidity?

So what's really happened in the past few months?

Yup, Township Council is still wasting our money. (I'm told Cllr. Kim Richter is preparing a story for us on Township Council's latest tax & spend fiasco compliments of one of Council's newest and youngest members).

Meanwhile Langley City Council is still merrily putting the financial boots to the Township.

Our local elected and born-again environmentalist and dyspneic (or 'panting at thought of what I've done'- Tanya: we know this is a BIG word but you can find this specific definition in federal MP is still hunting around desperately to do something to get noticed by someone (that is anyone besides just Bucky) including writing regular pablum propaganda columns in the local papers.

Our local Liberal MLA's continue to carefully tread on political glass shards to keep their jobs (you can hear the crickets well above their voices). And, right across our own street, LP's Editor and rookie Politico, is still producing the same wonderful high quality reportage that mainly consists of ever growing: "Look at ME, ME, ME" and "let's all count down together on my own personal events and career path" (Look out Rich!!)

Finally, there is the ongoing "Tale Of Two Editors": Blinkered Bucky and Bounding Bob who we can count on to make sure that the whole truth and nothing but the truth is sometimes told/commented on in Langley. At least, their editorials are "Point/CounterPoint" which is very reminiscent of SNL's classic: "Jane, You Stupid Slut..." news reporting. Go Bucky and Bob!

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