Monday, October 30, 2006

David VS Goliath - The Sequel: The Wagons Are Circling !

We at LFP just could not understand why the people across the street at Langley Politics Dotcom were suddenly gushing about Wally Martin in their latest blog posting and especially in that posting's associated dotcomments section. So we had someone ask Wally Martin what was going on. Well guess what? We were then sent a copy of an email that was sent by Wally Martin to Langley Politics Dotcom. Attached is our abridged version of Mr. Martin's email.

We do know that LP vets all of their dotcomments individually and so are surprised that the comment in question was ever published. LP's banner advertises that they got 600,000 hits in the past year which works out to over 1600 hits a per day. That's a lot! We're simply stunned and invite you all to make up your own minds about this continuing story of Langley's solitary David versus Goliath and his Minions. Watch them all in action at tonight's Township Council meeting or on cable 4 starting at 7 pm.

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