Thursday, January 12, 2006

Langley All Candidates Meeting Review

"Superior Court is superior”
“If it is not in my party platform I won’t talk about it”

Guess who these classic lines came from last night at the first Federal all candidates debate in Langley.

If you guessed our Conservative MP you are right. His Bush’isms would make George Bush proud. In addition we were agog when he said that his party’s answer to the democratic deficit is basically to not permit “parachute candidates”. The pot calling the kettle black from former Abbotsford Councillor Warawa who himself parachuted into Langley just in time for his own election. For that matter there are two more parachutists, Liberal Bill Brooks and it appears Vicki Lee Sloan of the Canadian Action Party. Gee, 3 out of 5 parachutes running in Langley. But we are getting used to it here. It’s just as comfortable now in Langley as drafting Russian hockey players for the Canucks! Another great line from Warawa was that he would send druggies to jail so that they can dry out. Mark, there are more drugs in jail than on the streets! It seemed to me that Warawa’s constant answer to every issue was to put everyone in jail. I guess you can call him a single issue candidate.

Approximately 200 plus people came to watch the five Langley candidates debate. When Bill Brooks kept interrupting Warawa, Bev Dornan the moderator, reminded him this was not a debate. Huh? Bill’s emphasis was that the voters should choose him because of him and his past work for Langley. Essentially he was hoping the voter would basically ignore the fact he is a Liberal. Nice strategy Sam Kirk, it might buy him 2 or 3 votes. He also consistently reminded the audience that Warawa has done nothing for Langley. Hard to argue with that one. Heck, at times Bill Brooks sounded more like a Conservative than Warawa except that he unlike Warawa did not want to put everyone in jail. When asked direct questions on several issues he disagreed with the Liberal party line and even said he would tell Paul Martin he disagreed with him.

Patrick Meyer was basically Green, no news there on his second time at bats for the Green Party. Vicky Lee Sloan running for the Canadian Action Party repeated the Paul Hellyer mantra about free trade being bad & some bank of Canada stuff that nobody really understood or cared about.

The real star of the night though was 28 year old Angel Claypool for the NDP. This writer was surprised by her performance because you could sense that she was the most self less and sincerely real candidate on stage who had done her homework. We initially thought that she was just convenient NDP cannon fodder. If you are voting along the lines of the individual candidate rather than the party, leader or party policies you should give her a definite look. It was heartening indeed to see such a young person entering the political stage and doing such a fine job on stage. I could sense that she would work hard and not just talk the walk. Politics needs more Angels!

But in summary face it, Kermit the frog could run in Langley as a Conservative in this election and still win by at least 50% to 65% of the vote. So when you go out and vote be sure that Conservative Mark (Don’t pass Go, go directly to Jail) Warawa will win the Langley seat handily. So please consider that the Federal Government gives each party about $1.75 for each vote they get and that 5000 votes for instance translates into almost $8000.00 for the next election. So knowing that Warawa will absolutely win, why not vote strategically this time so that another party or individual that you could support too will get some money for the next election!
That’s all folks.

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