Sunday, January 22, 2006

Martin-Layton Coalition Government?

Shane Dyson forwards an interesting premise. Specifically the scenario setup and the question raised:

Stephen Harper has just won enough seats to form a minority Government, yet the Liberals and NDP combined have more seats than the Conservatives. Paul Martin calls Jack Layton up and asks for a formal coalition to keep the Conservatives out of power.

Good question, food for thought. The bigger question is how Martin could bear talking to Layton after Layton focused his current campaign exclusively on picking at the carcass of the Liberals instead of the Conservatives! Also strategically may be wise to fend off post election criticism of Layton indirectly having helped the Conservatives. But seriously if your scenario is correct, does Martin go to the Governor General and officially ask that he remain the PM?

Shane by the way ran for Township Council and quite frankly we were disappointed that the voters did not chose to elect him this past election. Next time Shane, we'll support ya! You can see him at his website and we also thought we would add some colour to this post by showing his picture here as well. Thank you Shane.

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