Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And Then There Was One...Tobin Says No

Brian Tobin has declared 20 minutes ago that he will not run to replace Paul Martin. Well it’s starting to look a lot more like Michael Ignatieff will be the new Crown Prince of the Liberal Party. For those Liberals who support him, contact him here and ask how you can help. Those who hate him, again contact him here and tell him so! For all the others see here and here about him. Keep in mind he has a large following demonstrated by the fact that apparently during his election campaign 4 out of 5 volunteers helping him were from outside his own riding and were significantly composed of law students and lawyers who came especially from downtown Toronto to specifically help Michael. Intellectuals and Liberal leaning youth are especially mesmerized by what we can only define as Michael Mania reminniscent of Trudeau Mania. We sense and predict a wave coming!

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