Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Letters To The LFP Editor

WHY & HOW TO SEND Letters to LFP to publish
We will post 99.9% of all Letters to the Editor prominently on LFP.
If you find our sidebar haloscan comments too limiting or if you wish to deliver an important message, Press Release, or Public Info we invite you to send Email letters to us at;
Accompanying Pictures, documents as well as videos will also be posted if sent by email or with an appropriate link instead.
Don't forget to advise us if you want to have the reading public be able to link to your personal contact info such as your email address or webpage link as well otherwise we will NOT post your email address or webpage or other personal contact info to maintain your privacy. Also tell us if you prefer to have your letter remain anonymous other wise we will at minimum post your submitted name in the heading.
Remember many a letter & postings on LFP have been picked up on and reported on by the local and lower mainland news media as well.

Langley needs YOU! Become a contributing Columnist. Bring your informed views and opinions to Langley Free Press. Be clearly heard and moderate open discussion. In strictest confidence, please email us. We are searching for the qualified and motivated few who wish to be an ongoing regular LFP Contributor. Accepted candidates will get their own sidebar link and picture posted plus bio. Be you Right, Left or Center, we need your point of view." Become a contributing columnist and Email your idea and/or area of expertise now to Langley Free Press Editor.
For more info send your Email request to the Editor of LFP at;
For the forseeable future LFP will free of charge post any reasonable community notice, plug or advertisement on our sidebar that can also be linked to any other more detailed webpage, blogpage or document. Remember we now have literally thousands of hits each month and growing exponentially. See the LFP right sidebar under the comments section for present samples. For more info send your Email request to the Editor of LFP at;

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