Friday, January 13, 2006

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Langley Times - Friday January 13, 2006
The Story of The Day - The Blogsey Twins Editorial
As one of the Blogsey twins, we just want to go on record for Times Reporter Al Irwin's benefit that it was an immaculate conception and we were definitely separated before birth!

Our criticism of your blog article is that you only see the negatives. Where are the positives? The Taxpayers in the Township should be thrilled that a couple of Councillors have chosen vehicles to get their thoughts better heard, more often and uncut. We advertise the fact that we would be pleased to headline posts for other Councillors' opinions on our blog too. In fact, former Councillor Muriel Arneson is a contributing columnist at LFP as well. She certainly has never minced words and also certainly did not agree with everything our other contributing columnist, Councillor Richter, says either. It would be a travesty indeed if Al's observation about what anybody says in any blogs could cause retribution when it comes to formal Council meetings. And get real Al, Richter was having a tough time getting her motions seconded any way before she ever wrote for this blog!

The key issue then becomes not what is said but rather the small mindedness of the old boys club who can't stomach any threatening change. Most politicians and their status quo need to get shaken up. That is why the voters elected Councillors like Muriel & Kim and even Jordan Bateman. Before closing on this item Al, do you think your publisher would authorize funds for both the Times and LFP to jointly hire Eli Mina? Heck, many have argued that the Times could equally use guidelines on proper decorum too, particularly in the editorial department! Irrespective, thank you for the plug. Hits are going through the roof already and its only 11:30 AM. Next time, please don't forget to reference .

Summary of other items in the Times reveals a TWU harassment complaint withdrawal. We hope that the Times stays on top of this story. Also taxpayers eagerly await their tax bills from city & Township to see what the implications of their recent property assessments combined with creeping tax increases will mean to them. Is it time to throw the tea into the bay yet? Also the editor, Frank Bucholtz is unnaturally and amazingly kind and fair to all the candidates in the debate in his editorial.

Aldergrove Star - Thursday January 12, 2006
One thing about the Star is they just seem to have more bulk news content than both the Advance or the Times. The big story is advising the public that our Councillors on GVRD boards make $200 to $400 for the meetings they go to. Kurt Alberts, Mel Kositsky, Bob Long and Kim Richter have previously sat on GVRD committees. Not bad, but we can hardly blame them since the meetings are in Vancouver or Burnaby so that means they have to be hours in traffic tie ups coming & going on the Port Mann bridge. Hardly pays for thre idling gas consumed and time lost. Probably really works out to $6.50 an hour!

The need for a shelter in Langley for the homeless crys out for attention as well as the source of propoganda in NE Langley. Then of course there is the story about our gold plated Grandstand that Councillor Richter broke right here in LFP. Also a story about our School District getting $50 per student more from Victoria but they have to justify where the money goes. It better be for better learning opportunities. Once again Translink has found ways of indirectly squeezing more cash out of the taxpayers. This leads into the fact that our very own Mayor Alberts is now also on the Translink board. Hmm...wonder how much that pays an hour? Also they report the new appointments to the committees & commissions. Sorry no $200 ameeting for those poor volunteers, just the prestige of shaking Kurt's hand occasionally! Then an article on new Translink initiatives which unfortunately does not have Langley mentioned as a beneficiary except for the new Bridge to Maple Ridge. Finally a recycled article from sister paper , Langley Times on Township electoral reforms.

Langley Advance - Friday January 13, 2006
Obviously the advance reports on the debate mentioning that probably the parties stacked the room with their vocal supporters. Nah, would they really do that? Also Councillor Bob Long wants a crack down on retail stores selling drug paraphernalia. Northeast Gordon Estates neighbourhood plan was approved by Township Council with Richter opposed. And finally, the editorial speaks to the fact that the numbing vote buying attempts by the federal political parties should not detract from the important decision of who you should vote for based on careful analysis of the policies and that this election is a critical one in Canada's history. We could not agree more. Please vote carefully.

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