Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Conservatives Two Faced on Attack Ads

Well it looks like the Conservatives have starting the "Attack Ads" in earnest first which is hypocritical since they complain about the Liberal ads which we have not seen as of yet. If the Liberals are smart they should not play any attack ads at all and let the Conservatives drag themselves through the U.S. style political mud. The Liberals should not panic and stay the course. The game is make sure the message is right and stay on message. Harper, who is now feeling cocky, is risking all now by changing course from his meat & potatoes policies to pursue gutter politics. Will the voter buy this poop. The Conservatives TV ads try to justify their actions by accusing the Liberals of planning attack ads yet preempt with their own two radio Conservative attack ads. Pretty two faced, don't you think?
Ottawa Radio Negative Ad
More than Money Radio negative Ad

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