Thursday, January 12, 2006

Al Irwin of Langley Times - Star Covers Grandstand

In today's Aldergrove Star and most likely in tommorow's Langley times, Columnist Al Irwin breaks the story of the Grandstand cost over runs. This story was brought to light by Councillor Kim Richter in Langley Free press last week in her 3 part series. We encourage Al to keep up with the story and if he so wishes he can cut and paste anything we have on this blog or for that matter anything else we have in here at any time. Since starting our blog just before Christmas our blog hits have risen dramatically into the thousands, but we do acknowledge that we are only getting to a fraction of the readership of the Black Press or Canwest local papers. In fact we appreciate that our readership is primarily news and political junkies who need their hits more than just a couple of days a week. We know that we do! Our purpose is not to compete but to provide another outlet for an alternative perspective and discussion and we are extremely pleased that Al Irwin is broadcasting the Grandstand overruns to the average taxpayer in Langley. They have to know about where their tax dollars go. With average Township revenues of only $70 odd million annually, percentage wise this should be a bigger fiasco than fast ferries in Langley. Kudos to Al, and if you see fit a little plug for little old Langley Free Press blog, note ,would be much appreciated Al. We may even become kinder to Bucky...nah not that kind. Believe us, it's really all in fun Bucky.

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