Friday, January 06, 2006

Its Official - Alberts on Translink Board

Kurt Alberts of Langley Township will sit on the Translink board with 11 other primarily municipal mayors in GVRD such as Mayors Sam Sullivan, Derek Corrigan, Malcom Brodie and Dianne Watts of Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and Surrey respectively. Councillor Marvin Hunt of Surrey also was chosen. We think it is basically Alberts turn to be on Translink because it was more or less our turn anyhow in Township to represent the Township, Langley City, Peace Arch and White Rock.

This will now be Alberts defining moment because Marlene Grinnell, our past representative on the board, managed to get Langley City gobs of Translink funded roadwork, bus service and not to mention the uselessly located 204th Street overpass. Let's see how much Kurt gets from the new West End dominated Translink Board that will fight to stop the Port Mann bridge twinning and pretty much try to keep Langley Township to its sub rural roots! All that remains now is the choice of chair by the board. Heavy lobbying coming up! But the money is on Brodie of Richmond. Who really wants it? It took down the previous two Translink chairs.

Similarly Albert's position on the Translink Board will be a large sink or swim opportunity for him as well. Can he be as effective as Grinnell was in getting the transportation infrastructure that Langley desperately needs? We are betting that he has slim chances because our priorities don't amount to a hill of beans with the big boys in the hood. Also Alberts is no Grinnell who out negotiated him on several City -Township joint deals. Yup, Township is still subsidizing almost $3/4 million a year for the City's police. I believe its almost 2 years since it was brought to the City's attention folks. Remember he has just under 3 years to get something big for Langley Township. In either event I'm sure that his success or failure will be exploited in our next Township election.

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