Friday, January 06, 2006

Local News Review

Aldergrove Star – Thursday January 5, 2006
Only three interesting stories this week plus Kurt’s editorial.

  1. The Aldergrove sewer system is broken and must be fixed. Key fact is; our taxes must fix it for $16 to $65 million! Lets rush out and build more Grandstands too!

  2. Langley School District will hire 15 more teachers to help reduce class size and help kids who have learning disabilities. Bottom line is they are rehiring staff they let go a few years ago!

  3. Aussie financial group buys out ABN Avro’s interest in the new Abbotsford Hospital. Hmm… we wonder why?

  4. Edith Griese gets 5000 signatures demanding transit service between Aldergrove to Abbotsford. Admirable, but face it, Aldergrove hardly has bus service to Langley yet!

Langley Times – Friday January 6, 2006

  1. The Langley Times has an admirable and laudable focus on the Crystal Meth issue with 3 articles and an editorial devoted to the topic. The articles provides stories on what crystal meth is ,that a community based multi disciplinary task force is required and about a true life addict story. The story that really hits a homerun is about Carolyne Beaudoin who tells her story as an addict to a classroom of her peer age. She was a guest speaker for Kwantlen Professor & Councillor Kim Richter's class. The accompanying picture of Carolyne by John Gordon is haunting with the artistic shot of the long hallway behind her.We really can't be flippant about this issue and hope everyone understands the dangers of Crystal Meth. Read the articles and kudos to the Times for doing their job very well on this issue.

  2. A bylaw court to be shared by Langley City, Township & Abbotsford. Wow, what a concept. Someone better warn Abbotsford that the City is usually a shrewd negotiator and will get every one else to pay for it.

  3. Frank Bucholtz’s editorial on election promises criticizes that the promises will create more bureaucracy in the end. I don't know about you but we at Langley Free Press are all promised out in this election. Our eyes glaze over now every time, each party daily promises to spend more of our money. We've lost track of all the promises and who made them!

Langley Advance – Friday January 6, 2006
Competing with the Times focus on Crystal Meth makes it really tough to find anything more meaningful in the Advance today. But let’s try.

  1. Ad this to the list of Langley City strange, unusual and ever increasing crime and violence list. Woman on bike hit by bottle thrown from passing vehicle. Maybe the perpetrator just lost his shirt at the casino.

  2. Mark Warawa is once again dangling a carrot in front of us saying he will get try to get us money for new overpasses in Langley. Did we mention our sheet of paper on Warawa accomplishments for Langley is still blank?

  3. The editor scolds the public who booed at the World Junior Hockey game. He’s right, but darn it sometimes you can only take so much from the “ugly Americans”.

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