Friday, January 06, 2006

Brooks asks what has Warawa Done?

We received a Press Release from Langley Federal Liberal Candidate, Bill Brooks, where it pointedly questions what our Conservative MP Mark Warawa actually did for Langley. Our editorial group sat around a table, put our feet up, poured a dry martini, and made a list of all his accomplishments. Heck we even went to Warawa's website. Well the piece of paper is still blank. Help us out there folks. Remind us what he did for Langley or the paper will remain blank. Maybe my martini is too dry!

Oh by the way have a look at said attached press release and surprise, surprise..Sam Kirk is Brooks Campaign Communication Manager. He was also Jordan Bateman's Campaign Manager. FYI, Sam and Jordan are also the co-founders & co-contributors at . Sam, how long have you been a federal Liberal? We bet Brooks is hoping you can replicate the same magic that you used to elect Jordan Bateman to Council. But seriously folks, of all Langley's politicos, we respect and really like Sam. A true gentleman.

If any other candidates wish to send us their press releases, we would be pleased to receive them.

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