Thursday, January 19, 2006

Que Liberal Candidate Clarifies, Vote Him First, Federalist Second

Gilles Savard, the Liberal candidate running in the Jonquière-Alma riding clarified earlier media reports that suggested he is throwing his support behind a Tory. Reported by CTV. "I do not concede victory to any of my adversaries before the actual results of the election are known,'' Savard was quoted as saying. He then encouraged all Liberal voters to support him, and above all else, to support federalist candidates.

The next few days will be wild with tension, hope, and yes desperation by all parties! Right up till Monday you will read many more wild and wooly stories that all the political parties are grabbing on to and spinning like mad. Don’t believe everything you read in the next few days because the media are also just as desperate and just trying to score first. The worst media spinner right now, bar none is Bourque!

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