Monday, January 09, 2006

Final English Debate Tonight

Chantal Hebert reports that there will be new dynamics on the debate tonight. Watch the polls after the debate. If Martin pulls it out of the teeth of defeat Harper will be finished. Same scenario for Martin. Jack Layton will most likely be left out in the cold in tonight’s debate. We wonder if Duceppe will attack Conservatives tonight? Since the Conservatives are leading in all the polls, her points in summary are;

Harper will be the focus and he will make it or break it tonight.
Last election, 17 months ago, he was leading and after the debate dropped.
Martin when all is at its worst traditionally makes a comeback.
Conservatives up in Quebec because they like his watered down federalism.
It will be tougher for Martin to use the unity fear card because of Bloc drop to Conservatives.
More voters will watch tonight’s debate than last time.

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