Wednesday, January 25, 2006

NDP Says Rich Coleman Should be Ashamed

Doug Routley, NDP Opposition Critic for Housing today accused Rich Coleman who is the Liberal Minister of Housing of leaving seniors and people with disabilities in the lurch especially when the waiting list for social housing has climbed to 14,000 from 10,000. Posted on their website. Apparently this comes on the heels of three social housing groups who were reported by Sean Holman' Public Eye Online to have serious concerns. Meanwhile the only response found so far is from Jordan Bateman at Langley Politics who works for Coleman's office in communications who obviously says that Rich's plans are "intelligent, well-reasoned, and should result in the most significant creation of social housing in the history of the province". Gawd! What do we expect him to say! I wonder if Jordan will use those same words for Langley's Grandstand $3-4-5 million project as we now fondly will refer to it as the 3-4-5.

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