Monday, January 09, 2006

Early Leaders Debate Results

Well the debate is over and only the French debate remains for tomorrow night. Who won? Ipsos Reid poll says the following from immediate after debate poll;

Harper 34%
Martin 31%
Layton 26%
Duceppe 2%
Not sure 6%

Ipsos Reid also has results on before and post debate as to who they most likely would vote for;

Before Debate Poll

Conservative 43%
Liberal 31%
NDP 21%
Green 5%

After Debate Poll

Conservative 40% ( down 3%)
Liberal 32% (up 1%)
NDP 23% (up 2%)
Green 5%

As we said in previous post we really don't buy 8% gap in the final analysis but we do find the overall change above basically showing no clear debate winner. At least not tonight, 30 minutes after the debate. It is to early to say who won or lost. But obviously no knock out punches.
The major issue was when Martin announced that he would legislate that using not withstanding clause will not be allowed for issues that effect human rights. Wonder what Harper will respond to this one. Lets wait and see how the public digests this. More tomorrow.

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