Friday, January 13, 2006

Globe and Mail Says Harper Majority Possible

Friday’s Globe says Conservatives could be within a few seats of a majority as it stands right now. The column is interesting and actually the first thing we thought of here at LFP is that the Conservatives better help pay dumped BC interior candidate's (Conservative accused of smuggling) legal costs and pray he is cleared so that they can better their chances as a majority Government! The shocker on this is the prediction of 8 conservatives elected in Quebec! Unbelievable, who would have considered this last week? They also predict Deputy PM Anne McClelland will go down too. Following are the seat projections that they calculate.

– British Columbia is on track to elect 26 Tories, six Liberals, three NDP MPs and an Independent.
– All 28 ridings in Alberta will go to the Conservatives.
– Manitoba and Saskatchewan will not change, once again electing a combined 20 Conservatives, four Liberals and four NDP MPs.
– The Greater Toronto Area will elect 35 Liberals, eight Tories and two NDP MPs while the rest of Ontario will elect 49 Tories, four Liberals and eight New Democrats.
– Montreal will have 21 Bloc MPs and seven Liberals, while the rest of Quebec will elect 39 Bloc MPs and eight Conservatives.
– Atlantic Canada will elect 15 Liberals, 13 Conservatives and four NDP MPs.
– All three seats in the territories will go to the Liberals.

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