Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tory Platform Missing Two Key Costs

Mark Warawa’s campaign handed out a letter (see attached) at the recent All Candidates meetings in Langley. Warawa also referred to this letter several times in his comments. This letter may now be in serious question.

The letter is written by Mr. Paul Darby, an economist for the Conference Board of Canada. He was hired in December by the Conservative Party. Apparently, the dollar impact of two major Conservative policies is missing, as reported in today’s Globe & Mail. The Globe said Mr Darby appeared “uncomfortable” with the issue and when asked specifically about the two major cost issues, he confirmed they were not included in his letter and he suggested that the press should seek further answers from the Conservative Party.

Specifically, the two uncosted platforms in the January 13 Conservative platform are fixing the fiscal imbalance and patient waiting-time guarantee that would ship patients to other jurisdictions if they cannot get timely treatment at home. Mr Darby was quoted by the Globe & Mail: "They're not costed in the platform that they (referring to the Conservative Platform) presented on Jan. 13th," he said in the Globe interview. "They're still not in the platform." Mark Warawa’s Conservative party who by all accounts are proposing the largest spending spree of all the federal Parties if elected has now raised serious concerns that their financial platform may be unrealistic and underfunded.

Langley Free Press shudders at the thought …..Shades of Brian Mulroney Deficit Days?

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