Monday, January 30, 2006

CCRA – Federal Tax Man Wants to Collect for Other Levels of Government!

Have you ever had the Feds collection department go after you for tax money or GST remittance money? Well guess what? If they have their way they hope to get the provinces, municipalities and other levels of government to use their services! They even hired a public relations firm to help them sell the idea.

Don’t you just feel warm and comfy all over knowing that CCRA may go after you for unpaid dog licenses, business licenses, municipal water bills or other provincial and municipal bill collecting. The old boys club at Township of Langley Council would love it. CCRA could help them maybe collect more cash to help pay for the $3-4-5 Million Grandstand. The City could maybe even use CCRA to help collect for their casino buddies. Imagine the consolidated information data base they could have on each and every one of us then! Big Brother 1984 is back! Shudder the thought! The Canadian Taxpayers Federation doesn’t like the idea either. See the CP report here.

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