Thursday, March 30, 2006

You Heard It Here First! - "Boots On The Ground" Canadian Ad in Washington

Kim Richter our contributing columnist was the first that found the Cdn. Government's Washington DC ad about our military from a Washington DC blog, DCist blog. The press is now taking off on it after we forwarded it to them. Today in the Vancouver Sun, the Calgary Sun , Toronto Star , London Free Press , vive le canada , and watch the news report on the Global TV link and select Troy Reeb reports for the actual video news report from Global. The press has not yet reported that the "Boots on the Ground " campaign extends into a boots on the ground Canadian Embassy Art Exhibit as well. The second real story here is that Blogs are now becoming news feeds for the larger media. Then of course the local media simply and unfortunately ignores local blogs!
Blogs Have, Will & Do Make A Difference! - LFP

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