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Muriel's Thoughts - March 5, 2006

This article expresses my opinion only.

Things to ponder on:

The only way to tell an honest man is what he will do, when he knows that he will never be found out.

All it takes for evil to take over the world is for men of good will to do nothing.

George Orwell wrote in his work, ‘The Animal Farm’: “We are all equal here, but some are more equal than others”. I believe that this relates to the people of Langley. The poor are equal in poverty, but the wealthy and powerful are more equal than the rest of us.

Sooner or later everyone gets what he or she deserves.

The treatment of old people is appalling. Every beat of your heart, every tick of the clock brings you closer to the pitiful condition of the treatment of many old people. The Bible states in the Commandments: “to honor thy father and mother that thy days may be long in the land that the Lord has given thee”. The corollary of this commandment is that if you do not honor thy father and mother, thy days will be short in the land that the Lord has given thee. Three apostles said the same thing: “What good will do a man if he gain the whole world and lose his immortal soul”. One apostle goes so far as to say that this person will be “driven out”. When we read about old people being separated and dying, remember that could be you one day.

Monsanto, the giant seed-producing firm wishes to corner the market on seed production and wishes to manipulate seeds to make hybrids. They are not only company that is doing this. People who keep their own seeds could lose their land. We must fight this trend by writing letters to the government opposing this take-over and encouraging our organic farmers. Hybrids often do not breed true.

The Township’s proclaiming a new Tree Protection Bylaw, but it does not really protect trees. As we know, trees in the ALR may be cut down without permission. The tree bylaw states that instead of checking every property that comes forward with trees that should be protected, Langley divides the land up into areas so that employees do not have to go out to check each individual piece of land. This is just a time saving device and individual areas will no longer be assessed.

The Olympics are now over and what have we got? It is already being forgotten and yet the expense must be born for many years. I ask you again, what difference does it make if one person gets millions for sponsorship and the homeless are still out there in the cold?

The insane still wander around; many young people are running wild while their parents struggle on 2 incomes to buy their $350,000 homes. When John and I were starting out, we could but a run-down old place with a nice piece of land, take years to fix up the house and still have a garden. Now, everyone has to go deeply into debt to keep their cars and their new homes, not for their benefit but for the benefit if the builders.

We did not buy what we could not pay for. Our children wore tunics to school so there was no class discrimination. The burden of debt weighs down on everyone and very few benefit. The roads are clogged with people in their fancy new cars going great distances for jobs. Two income families are almost a necessity. Do not go into debt. Shop carefully. Do not multitask. And, save all you can for your old age, you are going to need it.

The new overpass has a dip. What a shambles: building a bridge in this part of the world on Styrofoam! I know of other classic errors made in building. There was no drainage done at the Walnut Grove Community Centre and the grass turf put on at the McLeod Park was faulty and will probably cost many dollars to fix. I advise all elderly people to defer paying their taxes if they are in danger of losing their property due to ever increasing taxes. There are also increasing costs of Medicare and fewer and fewer are getting jobs that offer them a pension in their old age.

I believe that all governments should have in their mandate a review process of their performances about halfway through their mandate. Three years is a long time for a government not to be scrutinized by the people. I believe Council should be responsible for choosing their Directors, not staff. New blood should be encouraged when staff openings occur, and Council should have the ultimate responsibility for hiring Directors and the Directors should be responsible to Council.

Members of the Translink Board should be voted in by the people and held responsible to the people. A limit should be put on their ability to tax the people.

I fear that new parking fees will probably mean the end of many small businesses. There is no limit to the amount of money the government wants, but whether or not they need it is a totally different thing. More and more people are being put into the ranks of the poor and the rich get richer. Beware this scenario!

I beg you to write letters to the federal government in which you state that you deplore the killing of seal pups. Contact Mr. Mark Warawa about this matter. The killing is barbaric and should not be allowed in a civilized country.

If you have concerns that you would like to talk about with me, my contact information is:

Phone: 604-888-6264
Fax: 604-881-1140

Muriel Arnason was Langley Township's longest serving Councillor and in December 2005 decided to take a break from Council. She cares very much about the people and now shares her thoughts in LFP regularily.

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