Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Political Spin of The Day

When you read something consider what you think you read. Case in point. Today's Langley Times reported that Councillor Kim Richter moved to go ahead with leasing the abandoned old Fort Langley Fire Hall to a non-profit society who want to use it as a museumto showcase seven vintage fire trucks and other 1920 artifacts. Sounds great dosn't it since we get money and a museum at the same time. So Richter's motion was a good idea right? Now go to Councillor Bateman's website and see his take on it. He, on the 6th paragraph down, presents it like Councillor Richter is the only one opposed to the museum. What really happened is the rest of council is deep sixing the free Museum, including Bateman, while Richter is saying its a great idea go for it and negotiate. Bateman's article gives this writer the difinite impression Richter is against it until I read today's Times! He is technically correct that she voted against deep sixing or delaying the project. He failed to add that. Sometimes its not what you say but what you don't say that gives false impressions. Political spin of the day! (PS; Albert's Council is planning a big taxpayer funded Museum in Fort Langley.) ....

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