Friday, March 03, 2006

Letter To The Editor - March 2, 2006 - From Glen Tomblin - "The City Dodged A Bullet"

Dear Editor,
The recent attack on Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender by letter to the Editor writer Dave Hall was unfair and uncalled for.

For years now Mayor Kurt Alberts his council have repeatly gone over budget on every project they tangled the City of Langley in cost sharing with. Mr. Fassbender is an astute businessman, he has brought this attribute to the mayor’s chair(something the Township is missing). Mr. Fassbender made a smart, analytical business decision, don’t go into business with the Township based on the historic inability of the Alberts council to control costs.

Every citizen in the City of Langley should call, write and thank Mayor Fassbender and his council. Believe me, they dodged a bullet on this one, saving big tax dollars for every taxpayer in the City.

As for us poor bastards in the Township, we will continue to pony up more money to cover our tax bill for the next three years until we get a council that listens to us. Before the election, Kurt Alberts and his council insisted “We are in great financial shape;” now he tells us we have “huge financial challenges”.

As you may know I ran for council because I knew our spending is out of control, I knew we couldn’t afford Redwoods, I predicted unseen taxes (ie. Translink parking lot taxes), I predicted huge overuns at McLeod Park ($2 million plus so far). So to my City cousins, I tip my hat, you elected a great council.

To even entertain a Township councillor’s suggestion to amalgamate would be foolhardy and ridiculous.

Glen Tomblin (Glen Tomblin Website)

Editor - Glen Tomblin most recently unsuccessfully ran for Council on Langley Township and in the previous election ran for Mayor against incumbent Marlene Grinnell in Langley City.

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