Monday, March 06, 2006

Langley University Holds First Ever School Dance!

Yup, it is the year 2006 and finally Trinity Western University allowed its first school dance ever! Yes, you heard right, Macleans Magazine reports on the University's first ever student dance that the University Administration finally permitted after many requests by students. They can dance, but there are strict rules to abide by that do not permit; "dance moves that mimic sexual activities, grinding or obscene body gestures" and "music with sexually suggestive lyrics, references to alcohol, drugs, vulgarity." I guess there will be no salsa dancing at TWU! But the first 6 dances are on probation by administration and will be evaluated to see if they will be continued. Mars Hill, the campus student newsletter also reports on the dance. Suggest you read the same Macleans article. Macleans reports interesting information about a student poll results that reveal that "of 700 surveyed, 225 had been drunk, 87 had had premarital sex, 238 had viewed pornography, and 262 had danced socially on campus.." Well rules are made to be broken, especially on University campuses, Christian or otherwise, believe it or not!....

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