Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Letter To The Editor - March 8, 2006 - From Jeannine Cherewick - Parking Tax!! Revised By 20%

(LFP Editor - It looks like Langley Township is using the same ploy, take a little bit off the tax. It is reported that Township is going to increase our taxes 15% over 3 years rather than the initial ~20%. WOW.. Thank You!)

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Dear Editor,
So, Translink has so graciously reduced its grasping, unfair and (it should be illegal) unethical tax on parking lots, flowerbeds adjacent to parking lots, driveways, loading zones and elevators by 20%... should that appease the many people who will personally suffer as result of the parking lot tax?

Translink needs to be taken to task for their broken promises to all of the tax payers, not just the ones in Vancouver; to improve lower mainland transit, for the incredibly unfair way in which they intend to line their own pockets, for thinking that all the people living outside the Vancouver city limits are piggy-banks.

And why isn’t the provincial government stepping in here and telling Translink that this is an unethical attempt upon the citizens of BC? Why aren’t there any jobs on the line for the strong arm mob like tactics being pulled by this unelected, unaccountable group of bureaucrats? Where is the government who we elected to honestly and effectively manage this province now when they are needed to police some of their own?

To further comment I’ve made previously, Translink is getting a service for free… all the tax dollars they collect from business and individuals alike; that is a service we the citizenry provide. HMMMMM, we should charge a fee for that too. So on top of the monthly bill every Translink board member is going to receive from me, there will be a small service fee for the work I have done for them, retro active to a date I think is fair. Collecting those taxes and paying them faithfully should be remunerated appropriately.

Please pay attention Translink… REAL PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR A LIVING DONT LIKE YOU! We pay for you, but get so little in return it doesn’t count and even what we do get back costs us extra because we have to drive everywhere because of poor transit planning on your parts. Its really obvious to me that Translink announced the tax rate at 20% higher than ever intended so you could act all gracious and benevolent by reducing it 20% when the inevitable groans came from the actual real live working class people because of another unfair tax.
Jeannine Cherewick

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