Thursday, March 02, 2006

City of Richmond Wins 8th Annual Teddies Waste Award

Richmond sould be an inspiration to Langley Township Council. With just a little more effort( more $3-4-5 million gold plated Grandstands) Langley Township could easily also be the proud recipient of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation (CTF) Waste Award Teddie next year just as the City of Richmond is this year.

$575,000 of worldwide junkets for politicians and administration not to mention more junkets to Torino have earned Richmond the Municipal Teddies Waste Award this year as reported by the Vancouver Sun. Here is the perspective from the local Richmond Review paper.

The CTV report details other winners as well this year. The province of Manitoba won the Provincial Category. Former immigration minister Volpe and his staff won the federal award. David Dingwall, the onetime president of the Royal Canadian Mint, received a "Lifetime Achievement Teddy".

If you wish to forward a nomination for the Teddies Waste Award to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation send it to this email at CTF. Gee, who in the world of politics could we nominate for waste. Hmmm... Langley Township?

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