Thursday, March 16, 2006

Do Canadians Want A "Hoorah" Military?

The Conservatives are essentially giving our Canadian Military a drastic make over and more so than just in increased military spending. The military is now consciously moving from a peace keeping role to a more aggressive first strike role and as The Toronto Sun aptly calls it a, “gung-ho U.S. "hoorah" infantry spirit”. General Rick Hillier seems to be thriving on this unbridled ‘dogs of war’ carte blanche that Harper’s Conservatives have let loose.

But are Canadians on board for this drastic change? We suspect that they are not yet even aware of the transformation and as the inevitable fiascos develop the public will become angry at the change from peace keeper status. Casualties such as the recent accidental shooting of an innocent Afghanistani by Canadians and any more mounting Canadian casualties or other fiascos will ultimately rebound on the Harper Government. Canadians should also wonder why the British troops are leaving Afghanistan. Are they concerned on the political front too?

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