Wednesday, March 22, 2006

City Of Richmond, Laughs & Giggles

And we think Langley Township has problems! Our $3-4-5 Million dollar Grandstand fiasco and our latest 5-5 & 5 % three year tax grab seem somewhat milder compared to the problems the City of Richmond Council are going to be labeled with . First the Richmond Mayor & Council win the Canadian Taxpayers Federation piggy waste award for spending $575,000 taxpayer's dollars on worldwide junkets for City politicians and administration. Secondly they are spending $178 million taxpayer dollars on anOlympic Speed skating oval that may not be able to be used. The latest problem is that all the female firefighters in Richmond, B.C., have taken leave complaining of systemic sexual harassment as reported by the Globe & Mail. Bad things always come in threes! Wouldn't you like to run for re-election in Richmond Council?....

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