Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Translink Parking Tax Anger Aldergrove Elks

John Jackman, chairman of events for the Aldergrove Elks was quoted in the Globe and Mail as “upset and angry over stupid and idiotic things these bureaucrats do". Jackman recommends that politicians on the Translink board sit down and listen and said that $2,200 Translink parking tax bill for the Elks means 40 to 80 hours of volunteer work to raise that amount. The Globe labels the tax “idiotic”. Translink in reaction to the public outcry has reduced the tax by 20% as reported by CBC but still plans to go ahead with it. LFP says it is time for Minister Falcon and the Liberal Government to fire the Translink board and as an alternative consider replacing it with a publicly elected board. Hey everybody bet you can't wait until Langley Township Mayor and Council raise our taxes at least 5% a year too!

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