Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Richter Submits Motion To Endorse CTF Municipal Tax Hike Limit to CPI

Councillor Kim Richter has tabled this motion for the next Council meeting that,
  1. Township of Langley support the initiatives proposed by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) by voluntarily resolving to limit all future tax increases to the CPI(Consumer Price Index) and by implementing annual value for dollar audits as a key part of the annual budget process;
  2. Township of Langley write to the Provincial Government and the UBCM supporting amendment of the Community Charter to include provisions for the limitation of annual municipal tax increases to the cost of living and the implementation of annual value for dollar audits by all municipalities in the province.
This is all as pertains to the previous posting re the CTF and Townships now annual 5% pilgrimage to loot the peasants for the Township Council aristocracy! Wanna bet as usual the Township Council old boys club will ignore the motion and choose to not even discuss this again?...

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