Friday, January 19, 2007

Kudos To Times Editor & MP Warawa

Yes LFP is often irreverent and down right cynical & critical of many local politicians and media. And this Editor often gets a lot of comments and heat about this even by email.

But to be fair in today's Langley Times there seemed almost to be the dawning of a new awareness and attitude by the Times as reflected by the Editor's own comments.

Kudos and congratulations to Langley Times Editor Frank Bucholtz who in is his editorial today for the first time ever acknowledged and quoted some of the following;

  1. 'a number of people will be seeing substantial tax increases.' & 'sharp tax increases'
  2. Rural residents are being hit the hardest on taxes and provided the least services
  3. 'Council needs to take a close look at the costs of new growth,'
  4. 'shift more of that tax burden onto those who actually receive the urban services'
  5. Consider levies for those areas that get better services
  6. 'look at the costs of operating recreational facilities'
  7. On recreation costs 'the costs are very high'
  8. 'The Township must do its best to keep the lid on costs'
Bucky gets it! How refreshing these comments are when others still ridiculously and simply try to justify the tax increases with stupid statements like "it's only a $91 increase in taxes"!

Take note Albert's council slate. Even the Times is starting to agree with much of what Councillor Richter has been advocating. It's time that Albert's council slate take the blinders off, be non-partisan and seriously consider Richter's motion on Monday to go along with the CTF tax increase cap motion. Or at least acknowledge the problem and co-operatively discuss solutions to address escalating tax and spend habits of Township Council. We hope that the Albert's council slate will put the taxpayers' needs first and foremost.

Kudos and congratulations also to MP Mark Warawa for coming up with and holding a passport clinic to better serve Langleyites. Our MP has been struggling for years to find something substantial to do and be acknowledeged for. This is the chronic back-bencher syndrome. He has aimed too high and often stumbled. But this passport clinic was brilliant and a wonderful thing to do for residents of the community. This just goes to prove that simple things affecting the daily lives of residents are more important after all. LFP acknowleges and respects this clinic initiative and encourages MP Warawa to do much more of this type of public service. Not only does it suit him better but it must also bring him and his Langley office a terrific feeling of serving the public and doing the right thing.

Kudos and congratulations to both Mark and Bucky for jobs well done!


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