Thursday, January 25, 2007

Audio Clips of Richter's Censored Budget Motions

The following 3 audio clips originate from the historic January 15th 2007 Langley Township Special meeting where the Mayor Alberts council slate passed the first version of the second highest ever historical tax increase budget. This is essentially the second 5% tax increase in two consecutive years. All 3 short audio clips are of Councillor Kim Richter recorded live at this council budget meeting and posted here on LFP for your listening pleasure.

The 1st audio clip (1:44 minutes) is her final summation of why she could not support the budget tax hikes and what she identified as the real problem causing the historic township tax hikes. She finally states that in passing this budget, council has essentially declared war on the Langley township taxpayers.

The 2nd audio clip (2:03 minutes) is her ignored and un-seconded (even for any discussion) amendment to Cllr. Bateman's 2nd annual historic tax increase motion. Her un-seconded amendment motion was to hire efficiency experts to recommend changes to get these dramatic and escalating consecutive high tax increases under control before the next election.

The 3rd audio clip (1:57 minutes) is her amendment motion for council to 'show leadership' and fund adequate and better snow removal township services by cutting council's salaries by 1/3 and rolling back their benefits! This motion was also ignored and not seconded by the good ole boys club council slate. It's much easier for them to hike our taxes each year and increase their own council member's wages and benefits. Not considering any roll backs is part of this Council's problem - they see the taxpayer as an unlimited trough.

Not only were Richter's motions ignored at the meeting, but they weren't even recorded in the official minutes of that meeting. Yet, as we can hear, these motions were certainly made. No wonder Richter is feeling censored!

NOTE: We at LFP will soon be adding a new sidebar listing on LFP of all motions that were not seconded and hence never discussed in order to highlight and audit this significant censorship concern identified by Cllr. Richter. This issue was also recently reported on by Langley Times reporter, Al Irwin (kudos for reporting it Al!) on this now very common political tactic of censoring Richter's input by the current Mayor Albert's council slate. Not only is this simply rude and disrespectful but it clearly censures any proper democratic due diligence and discussion on Township council - unless of course you are a compliant member in good standing with the ruling ole boys club. This Editor wonders how this relates to proper Township Council fiduciary responsibility? Or is this just simply a blatant sexist thing by the ole boys?

You decide if Richter's motions were frivolous and not even worthy of any discussion, comment, investigation or amendments friendly or otherwise by the ruling Langley Township Mayor Alberts' council slate. Is this censorship of the only dissident opposition voice on Township council? This Editor certainly thinks so: sell out and you'll be heard.

Sadly and unfortunately all of the above Cllr. Richter 2007 budget meeting comments also got no coverage or quotes in the local papers either. Why not? Shouldn't the taxpayers and readers of the local press be equally informed of reasonable and lost taxpayer opportunities that were not seconded or discussed? Doesn't this lack of proper information just propogate the continuation of censorship and more importantly blind the voters at election time by favourably colourizing the incumbent group-think councilors and especially those club members who don't even think or speak at all?

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