Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dr.Ballem, Former BC Deputy Health Minister Clarifies Her Resignation Reasons... Partially

This morning's Vancouver Sun front page surprised LFP by expanding on our previous two postings yesterday (smokescreen) & (Ballem video) here below in LFP! The new information that the Sun provides is that that Dr. Ballem wanted the BC Provincial Liberal Govt. "to write targets for 'quality practice' into last march's $670-million deal with BC's 8800 doctors" like is being done in Europe and many US states. The Liberals rejection of her target requests she now says , ""was a 'big part' of why she resigned in June". See also here for another resignation Sun story dated June 23, 2006. We still wonder what else helped her make up her mind to finally resign.

She in the video (view it in full in posting below) said the Liberal Government sometimes made health care policy "on the run"! She also said that the system is killing people because of poor prescribing of drugs. She admits that she thought the video that is shown below was only for a limited health care professionals audience.

It is great to see that this initial Public Eye Online (kudos to Sean Holman) story made the front page news of the Sun. What this editor finds distressing is that the Liberal Government easily made a decision to tear up health care workers collective agreements to reduce costs but yet refused to establish logical performance targets for Doctors that not only would save money but may have more importantly saved lives and improved health care!

Meanwhile the BC Liberal's sham of this "conversation on health" continues when this Government clearly choses not to listen to it's own top respected Doctor, Deputy Minister and trained leader of our provincial health care system. Do you now really believe they will listen to the public instead. And Pigs Fly too!

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