Monday, January 15, 2007

Bateman's Langley Township Historic Tax Hike Approved by Mayor Albert's Council Slate

Rookie Councillor Jordan Bateman has the dubious honour of successfully leading the charge that tonight passed the historic highest tax increase for two consecutive years in Langley Township. Once again the tax hike is for all intents and purposes the same as last year, 5%. Congratulations taxpayers you are now well on your way towards this Mayor Albert's led council's ultimate 10 year plan of a total of 77% tax hikes. Councillors Ferguson, Ward & Long voted against the Bateman ~5% hike because they wanted it even higher at ~6%! Councillor Richter is the only one who was opposed to both taxes saying that she wanted to address the root cause of the problem: Over spending and the need for cost control. Her motion to investigate doing so was not seconded and therefore not discussed. Way to go boys!...

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